The collection

The founder of the museum cars Bratislav Petkovic has a collection of about 100 vehicles, half of which are located within the museum building. The collection includes old and rare automobiles, which are particularly important for studying the development and advancement of automotive technology at home and abroad, as well as the history of motorsports in the region in the twentieth century.

The oldest car is a Marot – Gardon, France, from 1897. with De Dion Bouton engine. The collection also includes the French car Charron from 1908. and the first car in the collection, Ford Model T from 1925. the first car produced in large series, on the assembly line. The collection includes cars from the 50s, 60s and 70s of the twentieth century, including the Mercedes C 300 – D convertible, known as the Adenauer (1956), the first luxury sports car Jaguar MK2 (1963), Cadillac de Ville convertible (1957). The collection also includes original and restored cars, among which are: Ford from 1902 Lancia Lambda 1925, Citroën B10, 1926, 28-58 Buick Opera coupe of 1928, Škoda R6 1929, 1929 Aero 10, Aero 50 convertible 1Z 1941st years, Alvis in 1930, BMW 327/328 1938…

The museum owns the ancillary equipment: loaders, horns, lanterns, radios, tools, driver’s licenses, posters, commercial advertising, license plates, parking meters, the first traffic regulations and laws. The museum also contains a collection of photographs, documents, old tools and equipment, as well as a library with thousands of titles, a showcase of personal belongings Sretena Kostic, the first driver in Serbia and old gas stations, among which is the pump “When a blind driver” from the 30s of the last century.

  • Collection highlight for the month of December

    Belgrade GRAND PRIX poster for AUTO UNION racing team, 1939

  • Collection highlight for the month of November

    Mercedes-Benz - 300c Cabriolet, Germany, 1955

  • Collection highlight for the month of October

    Formula DMB, Yugoslavia, 1969

  • Collection highlight for the month of September

    Porsche - Targa 911-s, Germany, 1978

  • Collection highlight for the month of August

    JAGUAR - E-TYPE, UK, 1970

  • Collection highlight for the month of July

    FIAT - Model 500 Ghia-Jolly, Italy, 1961

  • Collection highlight for the month of June

    NESH - Model 870, USA, 1931

  • Collection highlight for the month of May

    FORD - Model T, America, 1925